We ♥ Spain…and Pizza!


We are a cosmopolitan brand, based in Madrid, created by an Italian in love with Spain. Adopted by the Capital since 2014.

5 years later we fulfilled the dream of giving birth to a young and versatile fashion concept, the balanced combination between design and elegance from our Italian roots and the quality of Spanish craftsmanship and care for every detail.

Madrid's “Dolce Vita” is what inspires us every day, its streets, their people, Sunday aperitif on a terrace in the sun.

From Madrid to the sky, without forgetting the impressive Italian beauty and that pinch of "Pan, Love and Fantasy ", that make everything taste better.

Telma black cuero Carnival

We work with the best workshops in Ubrique (Spain),

Summit of luxury craftsmanship and cradle of Made in Spain

of high-level leather goods.