Mother’s Day Edit /24

Looking for the Perfect Gift for her

The arrival of May announces one of the most beautiful days to show your love to a very important person, your mother. At Carnevale, we want you to cherish her in the best possible way, that’s why we give you some tips to give her as a present on such a special day.

If your mother is…

1. The Travel Mum

If she loves discovering new places, visiting different countries and is adventurous, she can’t be missing her travel essentials! A good suitcase, comfortable headphones or a mask for night flights would be perfect gifts for her, along with a comfortable bag to carry all her belongings. Our Mini Telma Coco Navy is the perfect choice for traveling, as well as adding sophistication to your outfit, it’s the perfect size to store all your belongings, with an interior pocket to keep items close at hand, and an adjustable shoulder strap for a more secure carry.


2. The Cool Mum

Fun, dynamic and practically your best friend, the ‘cool mum’ will never miss an opportunity to go out with her friends or to go out with you. Give her a different experience together! Like a cocktail workshop, going to the theatre… or even a perfume that she likes to wear during these fun plans. For her, our Dalia Army is the perfect companion for these experiences, with its combinable colour and style it is perfect for any outfit. 


3. The Fashion Mum

She will love anything to do with fashion. Trendy clothes, fashion books or make-up are perfect gifts that she is sure to love. For her we recommend our Dalia Coco Black, as with its Baguette shape and black crocodile embossed leather it is a timeless accessory that never goes out of fashion, something that for her is a ‘must’. And for sure she will lend it to you one day!


4. The Self-Care Mum

If she loves to take care and spoil herself, try buying her new skin-care products or her favorite products, which always come in handy! A candle or bath salts are also good ideas for your mother to enjoy her moments of relaxation and self-care. With our Mini Telma Coco Pink she will be able to wear a cute handbag as well as storing the products she uses in her daily life out and about.


4. The Cooking Mum

Oh, how we love mum’s food! And how we’d love to cook like her. Novelty cookbooks, pretty pottery to display her dishes, some flowers to decorate her beautiful kitchen… and even something to eat that you’ve prepared yourself, are gifts that she’s sure to treasure. Our Vera Basket, with its texture and craftsmanship, will look great if you go on a picnic, plus it’s spacious enough to hold everything you need. As well as adding a natural touch to your mother’s style, she’ll be excited to carry it as a gift from you.