Spring Trends /24

After a long season of temperature changes and weather instability, it finally looks like the good weather is here to stay, and with it the spring/summer trends. Join us as we discover this season’s  most fashionable styles and outfits!

1. Pop of Red

One of the best ways to turn a basic outfit into one that stands out is to add a ‘pop of red’. It’s all about incorporating an accessory (a top, shoes, bag…) in a vibrant shade of scarlet, ruby or crimson to an outfit that on its own would be ‘simple’. Red screams empowerment and confidence, and there’s no better way to show your personality than through your clothes. Add a pop of red to your outfit and make a statement this season!


Our Dalia Coco Black brings elegance to every look and with some red accessories, it’s definitely a match!

2. Vest Set

Although inspired by menswear, the combination of vest and suit trousers rules in women’s street style. In different styles, colours and materials, this spring/summer we are going to see these ‘sets’ very often, bringing freshness and elegance to our outfits. Easy, flattering and trendy!


For this spring/summer look, our Dalia Coffee Baguette fits perfectly with its simple design and warm colour.

3. Ice Blue

A winter colour that has become popular in the warmer seasons. This colour gives a soft aesthetic that goes perfectly with a trendy street style and also for more elegant looks, it can be used for everything! This is definitely going to be one of the most popular colours of the season.


Combining different shades of the same colour always looks fire, and with our Telma Navy Bucket and a garment in Ice Blue, you have the perfect combination!

4. Leopard Print

Leopard is back and back with a strong presence. During this year we have been seeing signs that this trend was making a comeback, and now with the good weather, leopard print garments are becoming more and more popular, be it on jeans, bags, shoes….. If you want to be on trend, this trend is for you!


Mixing up textures and prints is also super trendy! With our Telma Coco Chocolate and different leopard clothes, you would set up the most interesting outfit.