Our February Edit /24

During the season of love at CARNEVALE, we want to present our selection of the top 5 restaurants in Madrid. We believe that these establishments offer not only delightful cuisine and a charming atmosphere but, most importantly, the perfect setting for a wonderful time with your special someone.  


Restaurante Tramo

1. Tramo

( C. de Eugenio Salazar, 56, Chamartín, 28002 Madrid ) 

For our classic and stylish couple, we would recommend Tramo. With Mediterranean cuisine and minimalistic architecture, the space is perfect for a calm and laid-back evening.

OUR PERFECT MATCH: We recommend our Dalia Taupe baguette bag to go with your look as we think it would blend astonishing with the restaurant setting. 

Restaurante Oroya Madrid

2. Oroya

( Pl. de Celenque, 2, Centro, 28013 Madrid

For the exploring couple, we would like to recommend Oroya. A Peruvian restaurant that resonates for its amazonian surroundings resembling the Peruvian jungle enhanced with a delightful decoration of lights that will transport you to a colorful but stylish jungle.

OUR PERFECT MATCH: Our Mini Telma Coco Pink is our favorite bag to pair with this setting, since the playfulness of the space mimics the color of our bag. 


3. Bodega de los Secretos

 ( Calle de San Blas, 4, Centro, 28014 Madrid )

This restaurant is a particular one that we think would suit a long-term couple. The setting is simply private and alluring to its name: secret. Bodega de los secretos is a restaurant built in the 1600s as a cellar for monks and even as a shelter during war times. Full of history, the restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine surrounded with the privacy some couple’s treasures. 

OUR PERFECT MATCH: We recommend the Telma Coco Chocolate bag because, we think a long-lasting couple, just like our bag, can carry lots of history without ever having a dull moment. 

Zingara restaurante

4. Zingara

( Pl. de las Salesas, 8, Centro, 28004 Madrid )

Of course, we cannot forget about the vegan couple and Zingara is just the perfect place for it. Eating vegan doesn’t mean boring and we know that, therefore, Zingara offers a romantic yet fun space full of lighting making it the perfect space for a couple that would not only like to have a delicious vegan dinner but also enjoy a playful environment. Oh! And you can bring the dog along as well since it is pet friendly.

OUR PERFECT MATCH: For this space we think our Telma Coco Tan bag would mix along incredibly with the space and would carry all your necessities around. 

Restaurante Mitico

5. Mítiko

( C. de Sor Ángela de la Cruz, 22, Tetuán, 28020 Madrid )

Finally, we recommend Mítiko, the perfect restaurant for our posh couple. Mitico is a pan-asian cuisine restaurant offering an elegant and sophisticated space. This startle restaurant is authentic to a wabi sabi space making it simple yet classy from its space to the serving of the plates.

OUR PERFECT MATCH: For this space we recommend you carry our simple but practical card-holder Gala, to follow the whole cosmopolitan vibe.