Our New Year’s Resolutions for 2024


As we embark on the new year, from CARNEVALE we wishes to present seven resolutions that we believe are crucial for incorporating into our daily lives. These resolutions range from adopting a 360° mentality shift to embracing a more fulfilling lifestyle. Undoubtedly, 2024 calls for a departure from self-absorption, urging us to prioritize the present moment and our own well-being.

1. Travel Smart

Planning is always a good idea and a must mind-set this 2024. Of course this year is one we wish is full of travels and when going abroad is essential to think smarter. That’s why you should create your own capsule wardrobe with staple pieces and accessories. You must always reflect in balancing your priorities with your guilty pleasures when traveling.

Check out our TELMA COCO BLACK  (275€): the most practical to take with you wherever you go. It also includes a removable pouch.
We also recommend you the iconic Amira cape jacket from Dar Jemni. 100% wool Made in Morocco. The perfect companion when you travel to cold destinations.

2. Styling, not wearing

Remember that a good outfit should not wear you, instead, you should wear it. To elevate a look, it might only take a good piece of accessories. Don’t overthink too much. If it has structure and your sign in it; It’s perfect. Not sure what to choose? Consider statement pieces such as, a knocked leather belt or a gemstone-adorned ring.

Check out our AGATHA BLACK BELT (53€): the perfect complement to any look. You can wear it on a jacket, but also on a dress or on trousers.
You can also give a special shine to your look with one of Specciale rings, our favorite one is the Emilia ring.

3. Take more risks

Leave conformity behind. It’s 2024! We are all unique and must express ourselves as well as put us out there in the world. “How can I do it? I am shy!” Don’t stress about it, being bold is more that playing with shape and textures and as simple as complementing a look with an eye catching assemble. Whether is with clothing or an accessory remember, it’s ok to live life to the fullest within your ranges.


Check out our MINI TELMA COCO PINK (225€) and MINI TELMA COCO TAN (225€): a practical bucket bag in more special and original colors. It will be so fun styling them with your everyday’s outfits!
We also recommend you the beautiful Rambla jacket from Diddo. It is so colourful and its jacquard fabric is just amazing.

4. Detox your wardrobe

One of everybody’s missions is to leave behind pieces that are already cluttering our wardrobe with unnecessary space. Leaving what’s important, from a luxurious loungewear to spend time at home to a timeless iconic Baguette bag that can be as versatile as an off shoulder to a crossbody bag for different moments of day. Remember to feel comfortable with your wardrobe. Find ways to organize it from color, style or material. Pro tip: always have a classic unfailing dress that will make your life easier on the days when knowing what to wear becomes the maximum stress.


Check out our DALIA COFFEE BAGUETTE (215€): our timeless best seller with 2 removable straps, will be the perfect bag for all your 24/7 looks.
A must have for your wardrobe should be a high quality and timeless homewear piece. We recommend you the amazing sustainable pijamas and kimonos from Melati Concept Store. Our favorite one is the Liv Kimono, it looks so elegant and comfy!

5. Choose identity over massive productions

This year we choose to not gatekeep. All small businesses and sustainable brands deserve promotions of their product because of the consciousness and ethics the brands provide. For 2024 we leave behind massive production brands and rethink the timeless pieces we would like to purchase validating the identity they give. To smart shop, is what we thrive at CARNEVALE for a long lasting, of quality and of course stylish wardrobe.


Our GRAZIA BASKET (165€) is handmade by artisans with raffia combined with real leather. An iconic basket inspired in Jane Birkin: you can combine it with most of your daily and events looks to get a sophisticated and unique style.
Poppelin is definitely one of our favorite brands to recommend to our community. Their shirts and sets are so original that you will easily get addicted to collection them. It is hard to choose just one, but our favorite one is the Sheffield shirt.

6. Updated Classics

When talking about classics we think outside the box. From a classic timeless baguette shoulder bag in a taupe color to a dazzling A shape sequin dress that will make you the center of turning heads. Classics are here to stay in a non- conventional way but most importantly fun and personality filled way.


Our DALIA TAUPE BAGUETTE (215€) is the classic baguette format, reinvented with a doble strap that will let you wear it also as a crossover bag.  It adapts perfectly to each outfit and season.
This amazing pailletes dress from DIDDO is the classic party dress you will need to include in your wardrobe. We love the sleeves shape that makes it more modern and classy. 

7. Afterwork ready

Always ready. Thats the key for success. We are constantly filled of surprises and during workdays there is no exception. There is this urgent rush to continue with our day as smoothly as possible without losing our sense of style. Finding flexible and yet according to place pieces is not as hard as it sounds. A tailored look is a symbol not only of empowerment but style. Complimenting it with a thrust wordy crossbody bag in an atemporal color to accommodate to any time of day as you wish will make the perfect companion to your day-to-day activities.


If you are looking for the most practical bag to take everyday to the office and you prefer small-medium size rather than large bags, our MINI TELMA COCO CHOCOLATE (225€) is definitely your perfect match.
Satela sets are perfect if you need to go to work and want to be ready for the afterwork happy hour with your colleagues. The Archie set is very practical thanks to its fabrics and also very chic.