A year ago, Christmas 2022, Madrid.

It was him 26 from December to 2022 when we inaugurated our Christmas Market Made in Spain on Calle General Oráa in Madrid. 4 brands founded by young women entrepreneurs, The dish, guest mark, Poppelin, timeless garments made of poplin, Jasmine, sustainable pajamas and kimonos brand, y Carnevale, leather bags and accessories made in Ubrique, We join forces to present our latest collections and make ourselves known in a location in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid.. It was a whole week of sharing laughter, difficulties and experiences of the complicated adventure that is entrepreneurship in fashion in Spain.

After ending up closing the store later every day due to the most varied conversations and confessions that arose, We realized that our connection went further and that we shared more than a temporary space.. We managed to maintain the relationship, based on snacks, foods, appetizers, shootings and video calls, and at one of those meals, We all thought it was a wonderful idea to get together., a year later to celebrate Christmas together, and why not, our first anniversary of friendship.

BornOur Secret Santas Fest, our Christmas meal, a special moment to take stock of the last year and of course exchange our Christmas gifts. Secret Santa.

Everything was ideal and it would not have been so perfect without Mawi's Cakes y Ferini Floral Studio. The delicious creations of Las Tartas de Mawi made dinner an unforgettable feast, while Ferini's Christmas table arrangement added a touch of elegance and magic.

Our Secret Santas Fest became an opportunity to once again share not only business and personal stories, but also to become a source of mutual inspiration.

  The true gift for us this Christmas is the magic that arises when we get together and, all: doubts about our projects, fights, failures, it seems to make sense again.

Let's go for another year, friends!

If you haven't seen them yet, in our profile Instagram you can see them 4 episodes of the series Our Secret Santas Fest. We hope you love it!

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